About Us

About Us

Hello, viewers.

Wishing you a very warm welcome to all my followers of  Let’s Do Farm.

Happy to see you on my site.

Introduction of Admin and Website:

I am Karthick Sivaraj admin of this website.Our website,  Let’s Do Farm is for people who love farming, gardening, planting of plants and different herbs.Also, you get a lot of tips and tricks about gardening and planting which makes you a professional gardener or home gardener.

This is one and only website which provides you all information about every type of plants, herbs, and flowers.

We give you information about many different plants and herbs, a method of growing plants and herbs and benefits of them.

As we know that plants and herbs play the vital role in our lives and many people like to grow plants outside or inside because they love planting but many of them don’t like plants.They destroy trees plants or herbs instead of growing.People forgot that in previous era planting and gardening was the occupation of different people.Even, each and every people did farming gardening or planting that time and they had a large value in the world.

Nowadays due to the little amount of knowledge about gardening, we use a lot of unhygienic vegetables or fruits because many people forget about gardening and just try for that to earn money.These types of people just only care for their business or money to get rich but they do not care other people who use their gardening item, people who use their vegetables get ill soon because of unhygienic food.People do not know the proper way of planting even they do not know that which is the best place to grow the plants.Most farmers grow their plants near the drainage which provides very worst quality of food.

People get unhygienic vegetables from markets because they don know about planting if they know then they can grow that in their own gardens and kitchen and can give their family organic diet and real hygienic foods.

Why we are unique from other websites:

Some people might think that we are saying is good or unique by our selves but when you will understand our aim and check our website you will definitely say by your self that yes  Let’s Do Farm websites is different from others.

There are many websites about farming, gardening, planting, plants or herbs but we are different from them because other websites just sell different plants or herbs to you in large amount of dollars but we are providing the way from which you can grow plants by your self and you can sell them by yourself and can earn a lot of money from it instead of investing your money in purchasing.We will make you professional gardener or planter free of cost.

What we share on our website:

We share information about different plants herbs and flowers.

We tell you that how to grow different plants in your home and outside in your farm.We will tell you that how can you maintain your house rooms or kitchens with different plants.We tell you the benefits, growing methods of each and every plants or herb in the world free of cost.Also, we provide you the article which you want to be known by us on your demand.You can ask for your topic in comments and we will publish that soon.You can see different tips and tricks to keep your plants safe and proper way to grow them.

The aim of our website:

Our aim is to all people in the world should live happily and want to eat organic food which grew from their garden and they should teach gardening to the next generation so that not only we get organic hygienic food but our new generation also will get benefit from organic plants and foods.We want to turn our aim into your aim that you also try to make our environment green and colorful and help people to take organic fruits and vegetables which can they take from their gardens which they can’t get from markets.Also, the majority of people can’t afford vegetables or herbs from the market so they can easily grow into their kitchens or homes and get free benefits.

Hope you all people will give you support to us to make this world colorful and healthy.

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