Gardening – Effective Homes and Gardens

Gardening – Effective Homes and Gardens


Literally, Gardening is synonymous to horticulture. Gardening is the actor cultivating plants for their flower, foliage, aesthetic value, consumption, medicines, herbs, relaxation center etc.Garden also differ in the types of the plant grown, some gardens mono gardens with just one type of plant and multiple gardening with the different type of plants.

Gardening can be done on small scale and large scale ranging from fruit orchard to long boulevard planting.  Gardening can be indoor, or outdoor. Balcony gardening is another interesting type of gardening that maximizes available resources. Gardening involves active participation and labor because proper care needs to be taken to avoid gardens turn into forest.

Residential Gardening

Residential Gardening

As the name implies. This is gardens that are carried out close to the home. Residential gardening does not necessarily mean it must take place on in your outdoor environment. Residential gardening may also take place on the roof, balcony, window box, vivarium, atrium or patio

Non-Residential Gardening

Non-Residential Gardening

This involves gardens located outside one’s residential area like the botanical or zoological garden, amusements parks, green lands etc. Non-residential gardening requires a gardener to take care of the garden

Indoor Gardening

Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is concerned with the growing of houseplants within a residence or building, in a conservatory, or in a greenhouse. Indoor apartment gardening serves as house conditioning system which helps in maintaining air condition and heat system of the house.

Native Plant Gardening

Native Plant garden

Native gardening is the use of the native plant for the creation of natural habitat. The main motive of the native garden is to create a naturally sustainable environment for the plants.

Water Gardening

Bog Garden

Water gardening involves growing plants that are adapted to the aquatic environment like ponds and rivers. The water garden can be created with an aquarium. The Bog Garden is also considered to be a type of water garden.

Container Gardening

Container Gardening

This gardening is concerned with growing plants in any type of containers (pots, planters, and hanging baskets) container gardening are used in balcony gardening, rooftops, and patios. Tips for indoor gardening ie, Container gardening which helps to purify the air in your sweet home and make you refresh and healthy.

Another type of garden is the Hügelkultur Gardening which simply means the planting of crops on the pile of decaying wood such served as compost organic manure for the plants.

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Woodland Gardens

Perhaps you’re a nature buff, as most nursery workers may be.These gardens offer uncommon interest and are a low-support approach to grow an assortment of local plants and blossoms.

Woodland Gardens

Woodland Gardens – Woodland plants and wildflowers can be grown anywhere utilizing local species or those having comparative characteristics. Just copy their characteristic environments.

Shade Gardens – A shade garden can fill dim, empty ranges with brilliant, lovely plants. In fact, most of the plants endure shade as well as flourish in it.Best indoor gardening tips are to create more shade gardens in your balcony which look fresh and cool.

Wildflower Gardens – Wildflowers can be grown in sun or shade contingent upon the plants and atmosphere. These gardens enclosures can incorporate prairie plants also, loaded with an assortment of local grasses.

Community Garden

Community gardening is a form of gardening owned by the group of people (typically the local government) for the purpose of producing fresh produce and also provide access to labor and improve the community.

Garden sharing partner’s landowners with gardeners who in need of land. These shared gardens, typically in front or backyards, are usually used to produce food that is divided between the partners.

Other forms of gardening include balcony gardening, organic gardening etc.We will see in one by one later.

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