Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water

Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water

Herbs, vegetables, and plants give numerous health advantages to your body due to their medicinal, culinary and relaxation properties. In any case, they are not generally accessible in a raw state all through the year so it is a great idea to grow them in water. When you want to select houseplants that you wish to grow in water, it is essential to choose species that are known to perform dependably without soil. All you need to grow them is just a container or a jar, the plant cutting, and water. Some of the easiest and most popular herbs, vegetables and plants that can be grown in water in our various homes include:

  •  Thyme

    Thyme is a sweet-smelling lasting evergreen herb with culinary, medicinal, and fancy uses. Just on the off chance that you require fresh and newly grown thyme if the old ones are already stiff, pick some in the mid-spring or early summer before it begins to blossom and put the cuttings in water promptly in light of the fact that they can dry out very fast. Even spray the part which is over the water. When it develops, cut the stems to improve branching.

  • Peppermint

    This common mint is very easy to grow by just placing some fresh cuttings of this herb into the water. Peppermint is extremely medicinal and has a high amount of the menthol substance. Menthol gives a cooling sensation on the skin or tongue without creating any variety in the temperature.

  • Lemon balm

    Lemon balm just like basil, lemon balm can be grown by including a 2 to 3-inch cutting down the stem in a glass of water. Change the water much of the time and you could keep it outside while the weather is still warm. The lemon flavor enhances a great scent in each home mostly during the winter. When the cuttings are well established, their leaves could be utilized in making tea.

  • Celery

    Being ready to grow celery without soil is a plus; it means no dirt stored in the leaf bases. It makes cleaning the vegetable.Celery makes an awesome enhancing for soups, stuffing, and salad. All you require is the base of the celery (the white end), and it could be left in a bowl with warm water. Place that bowl in the sun for however much time as could reasonably be expected and you will have new celery stalks within a week.


  • Tomatoes– Instead of tossing out the tomato seeds, rinse them off and plant them in water. Tomato seeds started in singular glasses are embedded into the developing medium.

  • Leafy greens – leafy greens, spinach, and lettuce can all be grown in water. Try not to throw out the leaves you trimmed off the head, however, rather put them in a bowl with not as much as an inch of water. Put that bowl in direct sunlight and give your leaves a careful misting a couple of times weekly. Before the end of a week, you’ll see that the leaves have started to grow roots.

  • Pothos – This plant pothos is usually grown in water. Take tip cuttings of any length and put the cut end into some water ensuring that 2-3 nodes are submerged in water.

  • Philodendrons – Dainty heart-leaved philodendrons, and also the large, split-leaved types do similarly well in water. Take 6-8 inch cuttings of developing tips and put in a jar that can bolster its weight. You may need to put a piece of rock in the jar to prevent unplanned tipping.

  • Chlorophytum – Put extensive plantlets or whole plants cleaned of all soil materials in goldfish bowls brimming with water. Water culture is best to hang plants since you do not have to water them frequently.

  • Tarragon – Take a few cuttings in the spring after new development appears. The fall ones are great likewise yet it will require time until the point when the roots develop. It likewise needs a warm place and splendid light. There are varieties of tarragon in which the French one is best for culinary purposes while the Russian one is bland so it is the best for salads.


Growing plants in water are not time-consuming and it is the best technique for a new gardener. This is because it has a low maintenance and it also keeps the plant to a great extent free of pest issues and diseases which are majorly caused by soil-borne mold and bugs.

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