How To Start An Organic Garden

How To Start An Organic Garden

Organic gardening is the growth of healthy, high-quality foods and flowers without the use of man-made chemicals. Organic gardening is good for environmental sustainability, and are less expensive because there are no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides to buy. You can buy organic materials and solutions if you wish. All of this is accomplished by working with nature instead of against it, and best of all you can be an organic gardener if you only use a few square feet of sunny space for your organic garden.

Since organic gardening is good how do I start an organic garden

So simple and easy.

Firstly you need to carry out site selection For your garden.

To start with choosing a small area of land because it requires less time for work and also fewer materials.

After site selection clear the area to be used for the garden and ensure the land is ready for cultivation. The next thing is to plant your garden but Don’t over-plant.

Sometimes if you don’t have required land or site you can start organic gardening with a container or box.

Another added advantage of organic gardening is that it can be done anywhere.

Let’s take for instance you don’t have a sunny backyard or patio, you may be able to grow parsley, mints, garlic/green onions, or chives (require cool season temps) incredibly nutritious herbs, or even small tomatoes because this plant requires a shorter light period to develop their fruits.


Here are steps that can also help your organic farm:

Make a compost pile. Compost is a mixture of decaying vegetation and Manure used for soil fertilization. Compost is the main ingredient for developing rich organic soil. You can use almost any kind of organic material to make compost that will enrich your soil, but the best things to start with are usually right there in your garden: fallen leaves, weeds (preferably before they go to seed) and grass clippings, to name a few.

Add organic materials to your soil because soil with good organic material helps crop grow well in the garden.

Organic materials help in plant nourishment without chemical fertilizers, keeping them more natural, rather than encouraging bursts of fast growth that can weaken plants. Also when a soil has good organic matter content It makes the soil easier for cultivation and weed control. AlsoIt plant roots can penetrate more easily and more deeply through the soil.

Adding Organic matter to soil helps water and air spend the right amount of time in contact with roots. Clay soils can be heavy and stay wet a long time. Sandy soils can drain water too quickly. Compost mitigates both conditions.

Companion plantings may be encouraged but have to be done with special attention and care.

The next thing is Mulching using Organic mulches, like bark, wood chips, grass clippings, etc because they help produce heat that controls weeds in return. Mulching helps to moderate soil temperatures, and slow evaporation, meaning that if you mulch your garden it ensures environmental sustainability through maximal utilization of water.

Weed control is another factor that makes up the step in organic gardening.

As we know Weeds are Simply unwanted plants growing in a wrong place at the wrong time.

To weed your farm, ensure you don’t make use of herbicides because they’re synthetic in nature rather use a hoe to weed or Hasn’t weed your garden.

Lastly, Invite worms and soil friendly insects that can help your garden.,


Note: when starting up an organic garden Watch out for toxins in planting beds next to older houses: If your house ever had lead paint, even if it has been painted over with latex/vinyl paint — lead is in the soil. Lead leaches out of weathered paint for many years, chips and peeling paint and remains in the soil for a long time.

"Don’t wait any longer start up your organic garden so you promote pristine and good ecological relationship."

Are you want to start your own farm? Read Start Farming from Scratch


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  1. Annette
    November 13, 17:41 Reply

    I’m moving out of an apartment soon and hope to start a garden asap. I’m so excited!

  2. Elle
    November 13, 17:57 Reply

    Great tips! I hope to grow my own plants soo but it’s now to cold to start.

  3. Compost Pile
    November 13, 19:59 Reply

    Organic gardening will work for you because your garden is your home , and you and your family are the ones exposed to the chemical toxins used in the standard approach to gardening

  4. Noemi
    November 13, 20:07 Reply

    I don’t have a garden but I’d love to have an organic one!

  5. Alex
    November 13, 21:51 Reply

    These are super great tips for someone who doesn’t know much about this! Definitely looking forward to starting my own:)

  6. Rebecca
    November 13, 22:47 Reply

    I love organic fruits and veggies. But they can be tricky to grow. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Malin
    November 14, 00:22 Reply

    Love this! You have a lot of great tips 🙂

  8. samantha
    November 14, 00:50 Reply

    Great post. I wish more people would understand that you don’t have to have a plot of land to garden. You can certainly grow things right on your patio or porch! I like to grow my own so I know we are not hurting the environment or ourselves with chemicals.

  9. Iman
    November 19, 06:15 Reply

    Always wanted to start an organic garden. This post is simple and too the point. Good job.

  10. habib
    November 19, 23:22 Reply

    Hi great post i just love gardning

  11. Ramona Spires
    November 21, 00:11 Reply

    I miss having a garden. Nowadays that is the only way you will know what you are eating is safe.

  12. szgblogg11
    November 21, 01:20 Reply

    Never had a garden but plan to have one in the future.

    January 17, 11:26 Reply

    Such a great article it our native we do have farm and we grow organic food there and it’s so much fun for us as well as it’s healthy

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