Little Known Facts About Vegetable Garden – And Why They Matter

Little Known Facts About Vegetable Garden – And Why They Matter

Planting a vegetable garden could be a good way to pay time after a traumatic day at work and at an equivalent time getting into poke with nature. You will also take great pride in watching your hard labour develop day by day with an end result to be proud of. By implementing a planting program throughout the year, you will be able to have a supply of vegetables all year round; you will also improve your health by eating more healthily and at the same time lessen your food expenses.



It’s very difficult these days to ignore the soaring prices of food items, especially fresh vegetables. It may be that your back garden is small and your vegetable garden may not provide all that you need or require, but it will I’m sure to have a dramatic effect in reducing your weekly/monthly food bill and that must appeal to you.

Can you imagine not having to run to the grocery store to buy vegetables to prepare dinner or lunch? The most common of vegetables that you need to prepare your meals are already there in your own vegetable garden. Depending upon the type of vegetables you decide to plant and your methods of preserving them, the economic benefits you get from your vegetable garden will be felt all year round. There is nothing better than creating a summer salad from the produce taken from your own garden, the products that you have lovingly tended to throughout its growing life or pulling new potatoes to go with your Sunday Roast.


It is a known fact these days that children prefer to eat “Fast Foods” e.g. hot dogs, burgers and others and are likely to eat fewer vegetables at meal times. However, with the increase of “Celebrity Chefs” flooding the bookstores with their recipes, there are many that show you a variety of meals to prepare that are both nutritious and appetising even for the children. If the food you serve does not look and taste boring, your children will prefer this to the “fast food” servings.


With a variety of vegetables to cook from your garden, you will find it more pleasurable to cook and serve vegetable dishes to your family. This conjointly implies that all the family can relish, all the numerous health benefits of eating fresh produce, since these vegetables contain many nutrients. The fact is that vegetables are LOW in FATS, CALORIES and contain NO CHOLESTEROL.Cholesterol is one among the highest health issues, that affect many people in the world nowadays.

By eating more vegetables, you will also get a steady source of the following:


This is very important for the normal bowel movement and is exceptionally good for the entire digestive system. Dietary fibre is also known to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and reportedly can fight off certain forms of cancers. If you are also on a diet, eating vegetables will make you feel fuller faster. Vegetables that are rich in dietary fibre are PEAS, CARROTS, CABBAGE, and SPINACH.

vegetable garden


This is a necessary element for keeping BLOOD PRESSURE at a normal level. It is also very important in keeping the BRAIN, MUSCLES and other TISSUES in the body functioning and working normally. Vegetables that are high in potassium include POTATOES, SQUASH, TOMATO, AUBERGINE, and CELERY.


Vitamin A is very good for the eyes, it promotes bone growth, tooth development and helps maintain healthy skin and hair. Vitamin B is important because it helps the body cells convert carbohydrates into energy. It is essential for the functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system.

Eat Organic food from your Garden and Live Happy

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