The Basic Secrets to Keep Your Green Lawn All Year Round

The Basic Secrets to Keep Your Green Lawn All Year Round

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Getting a garden with green grass all around the year may seem impossible. However, really, if we know what steps to take, we can achieve it. The truth is that the maintenance of gardens is an art, but also something fun to learn, entertain, do activities with family and neighbors.

So getting green grass throughout our lawn space need time. However, it may be worth the effort. A green lawn can be very attractive, provides a relaxed environment for all the family and friends or can serve as the basis of a playground for the little ones in the house.


Basic tips for a glowing green lawn

One of the objectives of having a garden is to be able to admire a green lawn, shimmering and beautiful. Therefore, there is more to follow certain tips to enjoy it to its full glory. Keep in mind that perseverance is part of the job.

So, if you follow some tips to keep your lawn green all year long, read on!

Choose the most appropriate maintenance

The process to get a green lawn can vary depending on the type of lawn you have and your geographical location. Choose a variety of grass seeds that work fine for your yard. Each type of lawn has its own set of instructions regarding on climate and the environment. Some variations grow better in shaded areas, while others develop much better under direct sunlight. In addition, some varieties grow better in warm climates and others in lower temperatures.


The bucking of the grass is the basic task, as it helps to thicken the grass. The cutting method should be done slowly and you should even change the direction and cutting pattern each time so that the roots of the herbs are not pressed in the same direction. The golden rule is to minimize the stem by half or 2/3. In the middle of summer, it is advisable to let the grass stay a little long so that it can better withstand the drought.


Know your soil

Get a soil test kit for garden maintenance and nutrient analysis. Analyze the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, pH, and others with the kit. This will help you determine if your soil lacks a necessary ingredient to have a green lawn. They provide enough nutrients to the soil that is basic to obtaining a green lawn all year round. Moreover, above all, do not use toxic or aggressive chemicals to fertilize the soil. The organic matter has the same capacity to fight weeds, insects, and diseases in the grass that the chemical components. If the lawn requires nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, special lawn fertilizers can be used. Therefore, in early spring it can be applied every 4 or 5 weeks

Water your lawn at the same time every morning

If you have planted new seeds recently, make sure you water them every day. The best time of day to watering the lawn is very early in the morning. The water evaporates less and the wind is generally lighter. If you use sprinklers and want to calculate the amount of water they use, place a container in your yard and look at the amount of water it contains. This will tell you the cost per hour of using sprinklers. This is a good trick to know the cost of maintaining your garden.

Irrigation: for a lustrous and green lawn during the summer, irrigation is paramount. The frequency of irrigation in the lawn depends on the temperature and humidity. Therefore, when the grass requires water, it begins to curl or acquires a bluish and grayish color. While the older leaves begin to wilt. Now that if you have a new lawn, it should be watered once a day so that the seeds can germinate and, with it, a system of very resistant roots can be formed.

Weed control

With perseverance and the use of suitable tools, weeds can be finished. Perhaps, many of these herbs can be extracted manually. However, others require mechanical means. Therefore, those of small dimensions can be removed with a manual scarifier. But if the bad roots have overcome the grass, the solution is to re-structure the soil and cover it with turf on a roll.


Aeration and scarification

The roots of the grass require air so they can breathe and grow. However, sometimes the soil, being sandy, does not allow the air to reach the roots and prevents the ideal growth. Therefore, the help of a rake can make holes in the lawn and then fill with coarse sand (oxygen flow to the root). The scarification will help extract the dead herbs so that the stems grow better.

The Mixtures

Finally, dilute a cup of ammonia (nitrogen source) in a 5-liter jug of water, next to a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Mix it well and throw it on the lawn. This mixture will make your grass grow greener. Nitrogen stimulates green foliage and magnesium sulfate makes the foliage retain better water so that the blades of grass will be thicker. After pulling the mixture, pass the hose through the grass to make the chemicals penetrate to the roots.

We expect your thoughts in our comments box. Let us discuss if you have any other awesome experience to make our surroundings green!

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